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Ask More Reviews

Best Books to Buy: Ask More by Frank Sesno
[ | Elisabeth Swan] 

"In practical terms, this book is a guide to effective inquiry. ... I also found the book to be a profoundly moving exploration of what it means to be a good human being. Asking more requires listening more – and that’s key." Read now >>

Ask More Book Review
[Associations Now | Kristin Clarke]

"Emmy-winning journalist and former CNN anchor Frank Sesno couldn’t have timed any better the release of his research- and interview-based exploration of the art of strategic questioning." Read now >>

Media and Political Analysis

GZERO WORLD with Ian Bremmer

Frank joined Ian Bremmer to discuss today's polarized political environment and how the media fits in.

Ask the Tough Questions
[CNN | Yaffa Frederick]

Frank was interviewed for a special CNN series on the challenges facing the media today. He shared why it's so important for citizens to foster a "free press culture" by asking tough questions that challenge authority and demand accountability. Read now >>

50 Years of '60 Minutes'
[The Washington Post | Frank Sesno]

Frank reviewed Fifty Years of 60 Minutes, a new book by the iconic show's Executive Producer Jeff Fager, in The Washington Post. The book "demonstrates the power of television to inform" and shares examples of "smart, compelling storytelling" that stand out against today's backdrop of opinion-driven media. Read now >>

Reliable Sources

Frank discussed the relationship between the White House and the media as guest host of CNN's Reliable Sources

White House Leaks

Frank joined CNN's New Day to discuss the deluge of leaks coming from the White House, why it happens and what it means for the media. 


Interviews about Ask More

The Big Ask

Watch Sharyl Attkisson interview Frank on Full Measure about key lessons from his book Ask More. They discussed the risks of bingeing on confrontation and why we need more empathetic questioning and better listening. 

The Power of Asking More
[WBEZ's Morning Shift] 

"Longtime journalist Frank Sesno thinks asking the right question can change your life. Sesno said his long career as a journalist has helped him understand the power in asking the right question at the right time ... Sesno joined the Morning Shift to share what he learned about the importance of asking more." Listen now >>

The Importance of Asking the Right Questions
[National Press Club's Update-1 Podcast] 

Frank joined Mark Hamrick to discuss his new book, Ask More. He shared how journalists - and everyone else - can ask questions and listen more effectively, both in their work and their daily lives. Listen now >> 

Frank's Writing on Inquiry

Use “Creativity Questions” To Brainstorm And Challenge The Status Quo
[Frank Sesno | American Management Association Playbook]

"Creativity questions invite us to pull out the paintbrush, throw away the coloring book and think differently. They prompt our imaginations. They ask us to get out of the way, break rules of convention, and exceed the bounds of the possible. They encourage us to rally to greatness or peer into the future, to see a new world." Read more >>

Interviewer and Moderator

Sean Spicer Interview

Sean Spicer joined Frank for an interview about the early days of the Trump administration. The interview was followed by a panel discussion featuring leading Washington journalists.

A Conversation With Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi sat down with Frank for a candid conversation about leadership, women in politics and the media's role in governance as part of the SMPA Conversation Series.