Frank Sesno

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Above: Frank with former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta for the SMPA Conversation Series


Ask. Listen. Learn. 



Frank Sesno is a speaker, commentator, author and educator who's a devoted advocate for engaged and genuinely curious civil discourse.

He developed his expertise in media and leadership during his career as an Emmy Award-winning journalist at CNN, and he's now helping shape the future of news and political communication as the Director of the George Washington University School of Media and Public Affairs. He created to teach and reward storytelling about the innovations that will “move the planet forward.”

Whether appearing on the air or at the head of the classroom, Frank's mission is unwavering: sharing the tools we need in order to ask better questions, listen with empathy, and challenge and elevate ourselves through the people we meet and ideas we explore. Discover the many ways Frank works to educate and inform ... 



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In his work as a world-renowned interviewer, Frank has spent years studying the skills and techniques behind the art of effective inquiry. Ask More: The Power of Questions to Open Doors, Uncover Solutions and Spark Change is a guide to questioning that shares his insights, and includes unique and valuable lessons from dozens of leaders in different fields. 

The book reveals how asking smarter questions and listening with purpose can help you excel in your career, inspire creativity, build stronger relationships and find greater fulfillment in your life.   

Frank offers eleven categories of questioning – including diagnostic, strategic, empathetic, confrontational, bridge-building and scientific – to demonstrate how each is driven by different outcomes, distinct listening skills and deliberately framed questions. Ask More inspires us to sharpen our curiosity, listen deeply and succeed more reliably.

CNN's Anderson Cooper observed, “Ask More is an essential guide to asking questions in a way that can better achieve your goals. Through engaging stories and remarkable people, this illuminating book will show you how you can use questions not only to learn, but to challenge, inspire, innovate and excel.” More about the book >>



Frank's commitment to education is a key part of his mission to inspire more informed and thoughtful citizens. As the director of GWU's School of Media and Public Affairs, he teaches students about inquiry and journalism, leads a faculty of nearly two dozen professors and created, a user-driven web and television project that brings students and experts together to examine sustainable innovations that move the planet forward.

He also serves on the Board of Trustees at Middlebury College and is a former board member of the Possee Foundation, which recruits outstanding public high school students to receive full college scholarships. 


Analyst + Speaker

Hosting CNN's  Reliable Sources

Hosting CNN's Reliable Sources

Frank is known for his deeply thoughtful analysis of American politics, leadership and the role of the news media in today’s political environment. He shares insights on these topics as an on-air analyst and public speaker, offering evenhanded commentary and advocating for more civil national discourse. 

Frank’s perspective is grounded in extensive experience – his years as a White House Correspondent, anchor and talk show host gave him a front row seat to the business of Washington D.C. and the inner workings of the media. His vantage point at the juncture of media and politics is more valuable than ever as the country grapples with political conflict driven by opposing interpretations of the news. See Frank's media appearances >>


Moderator + Interviewer

In his role as a moderator and interviewer, Frank calls on his genuine curiosity, warmth and wit to draw out his guests and reveal their stories in a compelling and informative way. Known for his fairness and integrity as a questioner, Frank brings a special talent for connecting with the audience to engage them in the discussion. 

Frank draws on extensive experience guiding discussions with high-profile guests, including heads of state, celebrities, political figures, scientists, entrepreneurs and leaders from a wide range of industries. His bookings are managed through the Washington Speakers Bureau. More information about booking >>


“Our questions reflect who we are. They help us learn and they help us lead."