Frank Sesno

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As a world-renowned journalist and interviewer, Frank draws on his extensive experience to deliver illuminating analysis and spark fascinating discussions. He's known for his warmth and energy as well as his deeply thoughtful perspectives on today's most pressing issues. 

In his speaking engagements, Frank shares key insights on American politics, leadership and the news media that provide audiences with a much deeper level of understanding than they can get from sound-bite analyses and partisan posturing. He makes a powerful case for the importance of robust journalistic institutions that are grounded in accuracy and integrity, and he demonstrates how skilled questioning and intentional listening can make us all better citizens, partners, friends and professionals. 

Frank is a highly accomplished moderator with an unsurpassed talent for drawing out guests to reveal their stories and observations in a compelling way. He deftly guides discussions to weave an intriguing and informative narrative. He is experienced leading events that feature high-profile figures, including heads of state, celebrities, political figures and leaders from a wide range of industries.

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